Scene / unseen

ECAL, 2017

Design and content by

Karen Pisoni

Code by
Raphaêl Schmutz

Supervision of
Alain Bellet,
Cyril Diagne,
Christophe Guignard,
Gael Hugo

Cinema is a complex object. When we are watching a movie we process a lot of information but we can't fathom everything.
Depending on our different interests, while following the plot one pays attention to different things: photography, camera movements, actors, transitions, music... Even if analysis is not the final purpose, every spectator experiences the movie in a unique way.

Normally, the camera has the power to lead our point of view but I've always been interested in looking elsewhere.
In 2015, I started experimenting how I could decompose a movie: taking a finished object, deconstructing it and finding tricks to recompose it using basic rules and programs in order to watch it in a complete new way.

Scene / unseen is there to share some of my explorations of context and boundaries of cinema. All the movies deal with the notion of time: sometimes directly, sometimes conceptually.
Please visit the website using a computer or a tablet.

Karen Pisoni

Le Sapin
Rue de la Paix 7b
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