Il faut bien manger.

Il faut bien manger.

Illustration, ongoing project

Porcelains 100x100 mm
Posters 500x700 mm

Blankets 1000x1500 mm

Starting point of a series of drawings on the theme of cultural heritage and sharing of a meal.

The drawings are inspired by existing images. The process of redrawing the original images in a very detailed way allows me to study the tools, the furniture and body position. This method helps me also to investigate how space changes our way to interact while eating.

The series title is inspired by a quote of Jean-Philippe Pierron, who says “Nutrition is a matter of physical health (one has to eat), whereas eating is a matter of tradition (one has to eat well).” (Free translation)

Karen Pisoni

Le Sapin
Rue de la Paix 7b
1020 Renens