Il Convivio

HEAD, 2021
Research blog

Youri Kravtchenko (YKRA)

Convivio is an Italian term meaning banquet. It comes from the verb convivere: to live together. This word carries a strong symbolical meaning; it merges the concepts of celebrating, being together and sharing food.

"Il convivio" is my diploma project of MAIA (Master of Arts of Interior Architecture) program. The scenography is developped on the theme of celebrating, in particular to celebrate the fact to be together again.

The installation has the aim of staging the symbolic nature of the celebrative meal. This enactment becomes the physical translation of the intimacy that is created when we share a meal.

Because of my experience, cultural identity and multiple heritage are meaningfull subjects in my practice. For my Master thesis, I wanted to create my own references by mixing different uses and costumes.

I therefore created a pluralist way to represent a ceremony, a ritual, a meal. "Il convivio" is composed by many self-made elements. I wanted to create a scenography where the user could have a fully immersive experience without enclosing the space.

Karen Pisoni

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