Production Line

Collaboration with
Marion Vergne
Dany Champion

Studio Assistant
Leonid Slonimskiy

Bertrand Van Dorp

Project designed during the semestral Studio - Production Line, with an accent on sustainability, environment and society. We have also collaborated with Caritas Geneva.

This project makes us reflect on the conditions of the human being, facing the difficulties of everyday life, whether social, financial or political. Our proposal attempts to respond to a need for a place that would improve social diversity and inclusive activities on a daily basis, a need for awareness and solidarity.

« The studio envisions a new identity for Caritas as both space and institution. Starting with a series of interviews with the Caritas community and studies in sustainability and socio-political tools in architecture. (...) The semester investigates the technologies, networks and forms of social design deployed in interiors and their associated ecologies. (…)
Students are thus taught how to reduce global warming or working precariat through interior architecture, a trade in which the ecological and social impact of every technical and material choice is never neutral. »

Javier F.Contreras, Leonid Slonimskiy

Karen Pisoni

Le Sapin
Rue de la Paix 7b
1020 Renens